A Quieter Mind

Enjoy a biophilic sensory experience within the calming surrounds of the Q Pod.

Our Quieter Mind series is designed to help you feel calmer and more productive.

Each Q Pod is loaded with a series of biophilic sensory experiences. So at the touch of a button you can listen to the sounds of the forest or the wisdom of our Meditation Guides. 
You can feel the cool breeze of the sea or the dappled warmth of the sun through our silent fans and heat lamp.  
You can smell the fresh morning promise or a hint of herbal focus through our plants and essential oils. 
And you can see the day turn to night as our circadian lighting reflects the rhythms of the day. 

Our first Q Pod prototype will be available for user testing in March 2021. So if you'd like to find a Quieter Mind then you can register your interest here.