Our Quiet Mind technology

Enjoy a biophilic sensory experience within the calming surrounds of the Q Pod.

Our Quiet Mind technology enables the Q Pod to listen to both your heart and mind.

With the touch of a button you can feel the cooling breeze of the sea, or smell the soothing scent of the forest, as the Q Pod listens to your heart, calms your body and clears your mind.
But if you want more than that, the Q Pod can be set to various modes as work, relax and recharge.

In Work mode the Q Pod can help you focus on your task. The arcing, shell-like canopy shields you from outside distractions. Our responsive LED lighting can match the circadian rhythms of your day. And the power point and USB charger will keep that creative energy owing.

In Relax mode, the Q Pod provides the discrete mental shelter you need to feel safe. You can recline the seat back, kick off your shoes, and select a soothing sleep track.

Or if you want to Recharge and meditate then each Q Pod comes loaded with our Quiet Mind technology. Our unique blend of meditation and sensory experience encourages you to drift o into a peaceful, natural world filled with self-love and serenity.