Making a virtue of social distancing

The tragic consequences of the Covid19 health pandemic are being felt all around the world and our hearts go out to all those people who have lost their lives, loved ones or livelihoods during these terrible times.

At present, the retail industry is struggling under the social distancing restrictions that have rightly been introduced to protect us all. And while these restrictions are crippling  many cafes and restaurants who need high foot traffic or a fast turnover of customers to make a profit, The Quiet Community will invert this model and turn social distancing into a virtue. Here’s how.

Our customer promise

Our customer promise is to give people the space and time to think and be happy, so we’ll be maintaining a minimum of 4 square metres per customer forever. In fact, we like it that way. This means that you'll never be rushed or harried or frowned upon if you want to stay with us all day, every day. Just take your time, be safe and be happy.


Pre-booking your favourite Q Pod help us manage our space and time so we know who's coming and who's been in-store.


Our Q Pods are diligently cleaned before and after each use and then again each morning before the store opens. Indeed, if you reserved your favourite Q Pod day-after-day, it's possible that no one else has touched it, apart from our regularly tested cleaners.


Hygiene sheets can be added to your Q Pod for additional reassurance.

Zero contact customer service

Want to keep your distance, but still feel connected? We can do that.

Customers can enjoy a zero contact customer service, while still feeling part of The Quiet Community. For example, a QC member can book their preferred Q Pod, order their food and drinks, schedule a meditation, and head on their way with no close contact or social interaction, if that's the way you want it. However your attendance in store, and the shared experience of being in the company of others, can still fulfil your social needs, even if it is just a bit of people watching from the safety of your own Q Pod. 

So by embedding some smart technology into our retail service, and by strictly adhering to all the health and safety standards required of public spaces, we believe that The Quiet Community can make a virtue from social distancing by keeping us all safe but socially connected.