Introducing the Q Pod

These self-contained, custom built privacy pods offer you all the comforts of a business class airline experience for just $15-an-hour.

So for those people who just want to sit back and relax, the Q Pod is a comfortable chair with drinks holder and adjustable lighting.

For those who want to work, the Q Pod has a fold-out table top and mounted touch screen that you can connect to via Bluetooth.

And for those who want to meditate, the Q Pod comes loaded with guided meditations and a privacy blind.

Each Q Pod will be fitted with biometric sensors so if a customer wants to prove the productivity and wellbeing benefits of some quiet time, then we can do that.

Other features include a retractable privacy blind, headphone holder, adjustable LED mood lighting, soothing acoustics and sustainable, tactile materials.

Future design features might include temperature control, massage mode and other sensory experiences.