Hello. I hope you are doing ok?

Thank you for taking the time to check out The Quiet Community, I really do appreciate it.

Originally, I thought this idea would only appeal to quiet people, the introverts like me, who sometimes need to flee to the closest cave to recharge their batteries (or hide from the predators!).

But the more I spoke to people, the more I came to realise that everyone needs some quiet time.

For some folk that meant getting a bit more focus and productivity from their work day. Others felt that desperate craving for some time out from their kids, partners, work, family, Inbox, Insta, Facebook, friends... and the endless expectations of modern life. :-(

A growing number of people, like myself, are experimenting with some form of mindfulness or meditation. And while I've not managed to levitate just yet, I'm hoping I'll get there one day. :-)

And for a few of my younger friends some quiet time means an escape from their housemates or their loving, but INFURIATING, family.

So The Quiet Community is designed to help everyone find their calm in the chaos, whenever and wherever they need it.

At the moment, we don't entirely know what that statement means. But we’ve got some cool ideas about what we'd like to build: we’ve got a beautiful concept for the Q Pod, our custom-built privacy pods; and we'll soon have a peaceful concept for our first retail store which we hope to open in 2021, once all the current nastiness has hopefully settled down a bit.

So all we need now is the money, patience and perseverance to make it happen. And I’m hoping you can help by sharing this post that explains the benefits of some quiet time.

10 benefits of some quiet time

In the meantime, I'll be sure to keep you posted on how we're going, but if you want to get in touch then you can find me on WhatsApp or email me at gethin@quietcommunity.com.au.

Thanks for caring,